MediVida’s history in brief:

MediVida, a Finnish social and health services company, was founded in 2007. The company's key background people have extensive experience in health and social care services in Finland.

MediVida’s starting point for activities in 2007 was to bring to the market new and innovative services that improve and enhance Finnish social and health care. The company started by bringing care training services to the public sector, with the specific target area being the development of health care on-call activities. Through the gathered feedback, MediVida expanded into health center physician resource management. Later MediVida expanded to cover health care services in addition to traveller's medical services and primary care services, in which MediVida works closely with local government and the private sector.

In 2008, to MediVida’s services came the first Medividan nursing home, Ratamo-koti, which is located in Kokemäki. Since then the MediVida care sector, has expanded its service offerings and expanded geographically in different directions, currently operating in about 10 locations in Finland. From the beginning, MediVida has focused special attention on low-income substance abuse and mental treatment.

In 2009, MediVida expanded its services to the child welfare side. The first Child Protection Department, which joined MediVida’s services in 2009, was Lukkarinoja in Tyrnävä. After this, expansion in this sector has also taken place in such a way that there is now a total of about ten units and the service has extended to outpatient care.

As a Finnish company MediVida wants to be actively involved in supporting the Finnish social and health care transition. Since MediVida is owned by employees, it is able to operate completely independently and thus be a good partner for various organizations in the field.